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Safety for Heritage Park in Westland Michigan

The eyes and ears committee


Safety in our association has always been everyone's first priority.  We have a great neighborhood with our residents knowing one another and keeping in touch with our safety chairperson.  Thanks to our eyes and ears committee  which is active with about 40 homeowners who send information to myself or our Property Manager, Jo Ann Thurau (586 228 8230)  if there are any concerns or questions.  

Keeping our lights on at night also helps maintain the safe environment that we all appreciate and our neighborhood looking good too!

Please remember that we share our streets here which are used for bicycles and walking as well, so  please do your best to keep the 15 miles per hour speed limit while driving in mind.  In the winter months the blacktop can have some black ice early in the morning, so please drive responsibly. Talk with your kids getting off and on the buses for school and remind them to be careful walking home.  The front entrance is never to be used for parking or for playing.  

We do not park in the street from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., fines will be levied.  Using driveways and garages during the winter months helps snow and garbage removal as well as accessibility for emergency and delivery vehicles. It also allows for a easy and safe traffic flow for all our residents.   

Feel free to email me at kepicarver@live.com if you would like to add your name and email to our list of Safety Monitors.  

Thank you,

Debbie Carver

Safety Chairperson

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Last modified: 11/08/2015